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                                         KENDRIYA  VIDYALAYA OF VARANGAON

CMP  REPORT  2014-15

TLM advance is used to purchase A4 size paper reams for worksheets as well as all the other teaching learning material required in the primary section .The senior most PRT Seema Batham takes the advance of Rs.2000/- every month . In the month of April 2014,July 2014 the TLM advance was taken and spent to purchase the Teaching learning material for all the primary teachers. The requisitions of TLM from all Primary teachers are compiled. The Teaching learning material is purchased with the amount of advance taken. The teachers prepare TLM as required in their lesson and use them in teaching learning process. Records of TLM requisition, TLM prepared & used are maintained by the I/C of the TLM Committee Mrs Seema Batham.



A variety of activities were conducted in different subjects by different teachers while teaching in the classroom in order to make learning easy and interesting. Learning to find out area, perimeter ,to measure in liters in Maths, to frame sentences, to learn action words, their past foms in English and many more things became easy and joyful for the children as these were conveyed to them through activities in which they were actively involved.


CMP MEETING: Our work of CMP started with lot of enthusiasm in the valuable guidance of respected Shri . B. N. Talari principal K. V. O. F. Varangaon .In the month of April vidyalaya level cmp meeting was held and convened by I / C CMP Mrs. Seema Batham on 2nd April 2014. In this meeting guidelines for the work & plan in the new session 2014-15 were given to all PRT’s .The teachers were also informed about different important schedules as homework schedule , worksheet days & subject ,TLM work plan ,CCA Plan etc.,School Readiness Programme etc.


CCE:- Formative assessment 2 was started in the month of April 2014 and it will be continued upto October 2014. The Formative Assessment 1 started on 21st of Julyand was completed on 24th July 2014. FA1 Assessment have been completed in classes III to V and open day was held on 5.8.2014.Remedial measures are being taken by the subject teachers for the low achievers.

                    Term II started from 1st October 2014 and Formative Assessment IV also started with it. The teachers planned & conducted the FA4 activities for Evaluation of the children. FA3 was held from 5th Jan 2015 to 9th  Jan 2015.In the month of March SA-2 Assessment was completed. Records were maintained.

 School Readiness Programme:- In the vidyalaya level CMP meeting on 2nd April 2014 a detailed discussion was held on School Readiness Programme , I/ C CMP also asked the classteachers to prepare a plan for the School Readiness Programme consisting of the activities like drawing, painting, film-show , story telling , personal cleanliness, songs, rhymes, colouring, thumb painting and many more interesting and creative activities .The plan was prepared and executed in class I A & I B for the newly arrived children.

 CCA: A yearly plan of CCA was prepared in the month of April 2014 by the CCA Coordinator for primary section Mrs. Seema Batham . It was decided that the children will continue with the same Houses as they were in the earlier year 2013-14 . On the first Wednesday of the Month April 2014 , House Distribution and the Allotment of the Housemasters ,associates , members for different houses was done as per the guidance from Hon’ble Principal Shri B. N. Talari sir .

Following CCA Activities were conducted in the month of April 2014 to July 2014.

 Drawing Competition :A classwise Drawing Competition was organized in the primary section on 30.04.14.The children of different classes were given different themes for drawing and colouring their dreams,thoughts and imagination on paper.

 Earth day Celebration :- On 22nd April Earth day was observed in the primary section .In the morning assembly Mrs. Seema Batham delivered a speech making the children aware with the objective of observing Earth Day i.e. protecting the planet ,protecting earth from pollution and global warming by taking small step in our daily life. The children of class V B presented a group song on the occassion.Miss Harshada and Master Paritosh of class V A presented speech and poem.

 Paper Bag Making Competition: In order to show our support to the environment protection and to avoid the use of plastic, a Paper Bag Making Competition was organized in the primary section and all the primary section children from classes I to V prepared the paper bags on this occasion and in this way they experienced their readiness to use the paper-bags and avoid the use of plastic bags which are harmful for the environment. The Competition was also organized for the teachers. The primary teachers participated the competition with lots of enthusiasm.

 Baba sahib Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration :- On the 15th April 2014 Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and zeal.In the morning assembly I/C principal Shri R. A. Patil sir offered the flowers on the image of Babasaheb and lighted the Lamp followed by offering the flowers to Babasaheb ‘s image by all the teachers.

After lightening of Lamp Mrs. Seema Batham I/ C CMP focused on life and work of Babasaheb in her speech..The children of primary section presented speech,poem and group song on the occasion .Mrs. S. Nisargan ,Mr. Tushar Warde also expressed their views about the great works done by Babasaheb. I/C principal Shri R. A. Patil sir also expressed his views on the occasion.

 Guru Pornima:On 15th of July 2014 Guru Pornima was celebrated in the morning assembly Mrs. Seema Batham delivered the speech telling the importance of Guru Pornima.Mrs. Meera More presented few words in the form of shloka to regard Lord Buddha. The children of primary section presented speech ,poem and group-song to show their regards for teachers and guru.To regard the academic teachers on the occasion flowers were presented to all the teachers in the Vidyalaya by the little stars of the primary section .

 Workshops for primary teachers :To make the primary teachers aware of new methods , approach for education in primary section and in order to stre ngthen the primary education following workshops were conducted by I/C cmp Mrs. Seema Batham the senior most PRT.

1.Workshop (I) on : Activity Based Teaching & Learning -Mathematics,Language (English & Hindi) 05.04.2014

2.Workshop (II) on : Activity Based Teaching & Learning -EVS 19.04.2014

3.Workshop (III) : Aims , Objectives ,preparation & use of TLM->21.04.2014

4.Workshop (IV) : Planning of the lesson-> 26.04.2014

Following teachers participated these workshops Mrs. S. Nisargan ,Mrs. Archana Yawatkar,Mrs. Rupali Nikure , Mrs. Meera More ,Mrs. Akanksha Shukla,Mrs. Tanuja Jha , Mrs. Shaila Patil,Mr. Rahul Baviskar , Mrs. Chitra Talele,Mrs. Shubhangi Patil.MRs. Seema Batham focused on different activities that may be conducted with the children in the classroom while teaching mathematics ,English,hindi & EVS . The guidelines were also given to prepare and use the TLM during teaching learning process. All the teachers prepared the TLM for the month of April /May 2014 in the workshops . The guidelines and detail information was given to the teachers about daily lesson plan and monthly lesson plan.

 Community Lunch: On the 17th of July 2014 Community Lunch was organized in the primary section. For class I & II. Before the programme Mrs. Seema Batham held the meeting for giving a detail information & guidelines to the class I & II teachers in the CMP meeting on 29th of June 2014 so as to make the complete programme clear & planned .The programme started with lightening of lamp by Hon’ble Shri . B. N. Talari sir Principal K. V. O. F. Varangaon .It was followed by a speech by Mrs. Seema Batham focusing on objectives of organizing community lunch for children. It was emphasized in order to make the children aware different culture of our Nation different food habbits different living styles different ways of dressing yet being united and living as Indians. It is also the objective of this activity to make children learn the sharing the things with each other and feeling joy.The children were given the food of different community such as Idli,Sabji,Halwa,Pulao From North Indian Community and so on.The children enjoyed the food and danced with joy.The teachers ,parents also participated the activity . Hon’ble Shri . B. N. Talari sir Principal K. V. O. F. Varangaon visited the place,observed the different community food preparefor the children and appreciated the preparation as well cooperation from parents on be half of primary teachers of the vidyalaya chatpati Bhel of Maharashtra was prepared and served to the children.The parents were also happy and they presentd their impressions on the occasion.

 Annual Inspection :-

              A panel of inspection team from KVS Mumbai Region visited the Vidyalaya Hon’ble Mr. Narsimham Sir Assistant Commissioner KVS , Mr. A. K. Dikshit , Principal KV ISP Nasik , Mr. Ahire Principal KV , Dhule , Mr. Guladi , Principal KV Bhusawal, Mr. Choubey , HM KV AFS Devlali visited the Vidyalaya on 7th October 2014 and gave their valuable suggestions to improve upon the things & activities in the school.


Grandparents Day:-

          On 13.11.2014    Grandparents Day was celebrated in the primary section , The  Grandparents of the children were honoured & welcomed on the occasion. The progrmme was presided over by Hon’ble Principal Shri B. N. Talari sir. The  Grandparents express their feelings of happiness , joy & they also participated in some games. The winner Grandparents were given prizes. The Grandparents appreciated the cultural programmes ,drama & poems presented by the children on the occasion. Mrs. Seema Batham gave speech on the occasion. Hon’ble Principal Shri B. N. Talari sir express his regards & feeling of honour for all grandparents.

Cubs & Bulbul Utsav:-

           On 12.11.2014 Cubs & Bulbul Utsav was celebrated with joy. Respected Shri. Singh ,DGM , O.F. Varangaon was the Chief Guest in the function. The children presented cultural programmes , Bulbul prayer , Bulbul promise, Group song & group dance. Drawing Competition was held for all Cubs & Bulbuls.

Children’s Day:--

                   On 14.11.2014  Children’s Day was celebrated to mark the Birth  Anniversary of  Chacha Nehru. Hon’ble Shri. Rajanish Lodwal General Manager O.F. Varangaon was the Chief Guest in the function. Mrs. Malika Singh was the guest of honour.

             The prizes were given to the winners of First & Second position in all the Competition during Bal Mela like Fancy Dress Competition, Drawing Competition etc. The children presented action song , Group song & group dance of Goa and poems on Chacha Nehru.

In this celebration the children also prepared Sandwiches & Bhel and sell them in the Fun – Fair. The  children enjoyed the fair.

Fancy Dress Competition:-

                        Fancy Dress Competition was organized on the occasion of Children’s Day On 12.11.2014 . The   children of classes I to V participated in Fancy Dress Competition. Mrs. Dixit from  O.F. Varangaon was the Chief Guest in the function.

                The children played Role of Actors , Politicians , animals, birds etc.

Drawing Competition was held for all the primary section children on the occasion of Children’s Day.

 Remedial Classes:-

                     Mrs. Seema Batham prepared the programme for Remedial teaching for slow bloomers. The Slow bloomers were given practice of reading & writing in their classes taken after school Hours.

Workshops for Primary Teachers:-

                  In order to make the teachers aware with the new approach and improve their Teaching & Learning Process in the primary section, Mrs. Seema Batham conducted following workshops on Saturday.

  1. Activity Based Teaching   & Learning – Workshop
  2. Remedial Teaching Workshop
  3. Workshop on Worksheets
  4. Workshop on Life Skill
  5. Workshop on CCE -RUBRICS

                 Mrs. Seema Batham conducted workshops for newly appointed teachers on Activity Based Teaching   & CCE.






22nd February is annually celebrated as ‘Thinking Day’ as it is Birth anniversary of the founder of Scout and Guide Movement Lord Baden Powel and also Lady Baden Powel.

In Kendriya Vidyalaya OF Varangaon Thinking Day was observed and celebrated on 21st February 2015 ,on Saturday.The announcement regarding celebration was done in the morning .

In the morning ,the Cubs and Bulbuls cleaned the adventure corner ,playground,and other areas in the school garden under the Cleanliness Drive i.e. SWACHHA VIDYALAYA ABHIYAN. The Scouts and Guides of the Vidyalaya also joined them in this ABHIYAN.

At 10 o’clock all the cubs and bulbuls assembled in the Adventure Corner .The area was decorated with the beautiful frills , balloons and rangoli for the celebration of Thinking Day.

The chief guest Hon’ble Shri B.N.Talari,Principal ,KV OF VARANGAON presided over the function.

The two Bulbuls escorted the chief guest Shri Talari Sir from office to the Adventure corner saying towittohoo ……..towittohoo……. and flying like Bulbul birds.The chief guest lighted the lamp and the function began .

Mrs Seema Batham extended a warm welcome to the chief guest. The two bulbuls offered the floral welcome to him and also to the Scout and guide Captain and Incarge Shri G.S.SINGH Sir.

Mr G.S. Singh offered the Scarf to Hon’ble Chief guest Shri B.N.Talari sir. He also offered the Scarf to Mr.R.T.More sir,Shri Sanjay Waghmare Sir,Shri Rahul Sir, Shri Prakash Jadhav Sir and .Mrs Tanuja Jha ,Mrs Archana Yavatkar offered the Scarf to Mrs Meera More,Mrs S.Nisargan,Miss Punam Hatwar ,Mrs.C.Kurkure.Mrs Archana offered the scarf to Mrs Seema Batham I/C Cubs and Bulbul .

At the outset Mrs .Seema Batham ,the Flock-leader and Incharge Cubs and Bulbuls delivered a speech regarding Thinking Day .She focused on the purpose and the way Thinking Day is celebrated all over the world . She also told the children the theme for ‘Thinking Day 2015’ selected by the World Scout and Guide Association i.e.-Developing Parntnership for Global Development. She appealed the children to learn the values and good habits taught by this movement which aims at developing the youth into good and responsible citizens.

The speech was followed by the Flag-hoisting .The colour-party of Bulbuls led by A Scout boy Himanshu Jha marched towards the flag pole. All the cubs and Bulbuls were standing in the ring(circle-position).Master Himanshu ,the Scout boy hoisted the flag. As soon as the Scout and Guide FLAG was hoisted ,the flag-song was sung by all the cubs ,Bulbuls and teachers with great pride.

The Bulbuls and Cubs presented prayer, promise and grand salute in the Ring. The Bulbuls also sang the Bulbul Ring Song. Then the Cubs and Bulbuls Presented the welcome song. Mater Kartik Sarkar of Class-V presented a brief introduction of Lord Baden Powel and Lady Baden Powel. Miss Sakshi of Class-V presented a speech regarding the Scout and Guide Movement and its aims and objectives.

The speech was followed by the Group Song presented by the Bulbuls.

The Chief guest Shri B.N.Talari Sir addressed the children and delivered a very inspiring speech on the occasion. He motivated the children to underststand the objective and the spirit of the Scout Guide Movement . He also appealed the children to follow the good values of this movement in life and practice so that they can develop themselves into good and responsible citizens.

Mr G.S.Singh presented the vote of thanks .In his Thanks giving speech he expressed gratitude to Hon’ble Principal Shri B.N.Talari Sir for giving his valueable time,guidance and support. He also expressed thanks to Mrs Seema Batham I/C CMP and Cubs and Bulbul ,Mrs Archana Yavatkar the flock leader ,Mrs Tanuja Jha ,the flock leader for all the co-operation in the celebration. He also thanked other teachers who are not the member of the movement still participated and helped in direct or indirect manner.

The Programme ended with the distribution of refreshment to all the Cubs and Bulbuls by the Principal Sir.

The Scout Guide Flag was lowered in the evening before 5:00 p.m..

















Report on Celebration ->

1)Ambedkar Jayanti :

          Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti was celebrated in the primary section with let of enthusiasm and Zeal on 15th of April in CCA Hall.Mrs.Seema Batham the Sr.Most PRT welcomed the the chief guest Hon’ble PrincipalShri.B.N.Talari Sir.The little star of primary section offered a bouquet to welcome the chief guest .The principal Shi.B.N.Talari Sir lighted the lamp and offered flowers to the photograph of Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

         All the student of Primary section and teachers were present on the occasion.The teachers also offered flowers to the photograph of Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar and expressed their feeling of honour for Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

          Mrs.Seema Batham conducted the programme – Miss.Srishtipriya,Class VA presented a poem on Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar.Miss Fatima ,Class V-A presented a speech telling about life and work of Babasaheb.Mr.Pohekar,TGT(Hin) expressed his view and told a incident of this great leaders life to give the inspiration to the children & Mrs.Meera More presented a Marathi song on occasion.

         Mrs.Seema Batham presented a poem on Baba Saheb Ambedkar describing the great work of Baba Saheb for the down trodden people.

         At Last Principal Shri.B.N.Talari focused on how Baba Saheb life was devoted for the people and for the service of the nation.

           Principal Shri.B.N.Talari said on the occasion that we should take inspiration from this great leader.

     Programme ended with Vote of thanks presented by Mrs.Archana Yawatkar(PRT)


                      Workshop On ACTIVITY BASED TEACHING :->

         A Workshop on Activity Based Teaching for all primary teachers was conducted on 26.07.2013 by Senior Most PRT Mrs.Seema Batham in Jr.Computer Lab.


Objective - :The objectives of this workshop are -

1.   To make all the primary teachers aware of new approach of activity based teaching.

2.   To make them aware of suggestions of NCF 2005 in regards to teaching different subject.

3.   To motivate the primary teachers to use their talents and make their lessons activity based.

Presentation - :

1.   The workshop began with the presentation “Ek Chidiya: of film Revision (शैक्षणिक प्रौद्योगिक केंद्र ) “Ek Chidiya is one of the best example of teaching through activity based method.Discussion was held on this presentation.Through interaction with the teachers it was made clear that how concepts in English,Hindi,Math,EVS should be given to  the children through real life examples.

2.   Mrs.Seema Batham focused on the differences between the traditional method of teaching and activity based teaching in the light of NCF 2005.For this she gave many examples.

3.   Some activities of Mathematics,English/Hindi,EVS were demonstrated by Seema Batham in the workshop.

Mathematics : - ‘Teaching Area’ through activity based method and other


English/Hindi :- Teaching New words,poems,stories and different

                           language items through activity based method.

EVS             : - Activities of observation,Identification and Group Activity.

4.   The information and suggestions were given for the use of technology in teaching learning process.

Following teachers were present in the workshop ->

1.Ms.Chitra T.      2.Ms.Rupali Nikure   3.Ms.Archana Y.   4.Ms.Tanuja J.

5.Ms.Jayshree S.  6.Ms.Neelam P.   7.Ms.Pallavi P   8.Ms.Chetna K.

9.Mr.Rahul B.      10.B.A.Lokhande


                                     Workshop on CCE(Primary Teachers)

    A workshop on CCE was conducted on 27.07.2013 for the primary teachers in the Jr.Computer Mrs.Seema Batham,Sr.Most PRT

Following information was given to the teachers for implementation of CCE.

1.   A powerpoint presentation of CCE was shown giving the concept of continuous evaluation.

2.   Formative Assessments are for helping the improvement in different skills.So these assessment should be repeated till the learners comes to the required level of learning.

3.   Summative Assessment are for evaluating how much learning is done by the learners.

4.   Formative Assessment is  a tool for improvement in learning,Summative Assessment is a tool for measuring the improvement in learning.

5.   List of suggested activities for Formative Assessment – II was shown on Computer screen as well as on its hard copy to the teachers in all the subject.      Hindi          English            Maths         EVS

6.   Formats for planning of FA-II Activities were distributed to the tecachers for their respective subjects.

7.   Formats for recording the performance Grades awarded to the students in FA-II Assessment were also distributed to the teachers.

8.   All the formats of FA-II Assessment were shown on computer screen of Jr.Computer Lab .All the primary sections requested to copy down to the same folder in their own storage device for their study and reference in future and for better implementation of CCE.

9.   The teachers were asked to maintain the register of CCE and examination committee member Ms.Rupali Nikure was requested to provide one register for CCE record of activities and grade awarded.

              All teachers were given detailed information regarding how to note down the planned activities of FA-II and record the performance grades.This record will help the teachers to understand the improvement in the learners and to plan the remedial actions required.

10.                Mrs.Seema Batham requested all the teachers to go through the suggested activities and different record format.She also appealed them to feel free to ask the queries if any regarding assessment activities & record of CCE any time even after the workshop.


Vanmahostav Day

          On 30th July 2013 Vanmahostav Day was celebrated in the primary Section with pomp and show . Principal Shri. B.N.Talari was the chief guest on the occasion Mrs.Seema Batham Welcomed the Principal Mr.B.N.Talari & the children of Class-I presented bouquette to the chief guest.Senior Teacher Shri.B.B.Patil was the guest of honour.He was also welcomed with flowers on the occasion.

           The programme began with lighting of lamp by the chief guest.Then Mrs.Seema Batham stated the objective of celebration of Vanmahostav.She told the children that  Vanmahostav Day was first celebrated in 1950 in India by Dept. of Agriculture and its objective is to create an awareness and enthusiasm among the people to plant more trees and save our planet from the pollution and Global warming.

          Children of primary section presented different poems and speech on the occasion in the Guidance of primary teachers.Ms.Srishti ,Class –V B,Master Pranay Mridha,Class- II B presented poems depicting the importance of trees in our lives.

          The students of Class – V A,Krishana,Fatima & Group also presented a poem .The children of Class – III,IV,V together presented a Group Song.

        The Tiny tots of Class I & II presented the action song.

          Principal Shri.B.N.Talari addressed the children on the occasion.He enlightened the children about the importance of trees in our life.He took promise from the children that they would grow more trees in their gardens at school,homes,parks etc also take care of these plants and trees.

      This was followed by the plantation activity.For this activity all the children & teachers of primary section moved to the plantation area in the school garden.The first sapling was planted by Hon’ble Principal Shri. B.N.Talari.Then Mr.R.A.Patil also planted a sapling .This was followed by the plantation of a sapling by Mrs.Seema Batham the Sr.Most PRT.After this all the primary teacher planted sapling in the school garden.Some children  from primary section also planted the sapling.

     All the students promised that they would water these palnts and take care of them.


     In this way Vanmahostav Day was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm but the programme is not ended as the plantation and taking care of the plants & trees will go on and on forever.                    



  (Mrs.Seema Batham)

    CMP I/c                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Mr.B.N.Talari)