Visiting Places

Visiting Places Around the school within 100Km


Emu-Farm,Varangaon, 4 Km

Emu farm is situated in Varangaonvillage. Emu meat is an ideal source of protein. It is a red meat that is lowin cholesterol and high in protein as compared to beef or pork, with fatcontent comparable to chicken or turkey. Emu oil naturally reducesinflammation, retards wrinkles, softens the skin and is also hypoallergenic.Emu feathers are used in the fashion industry because of their beautiful andunique two feathers per quill formation. Golden Eggs EMU Farm is an eminent producer of EmuBirds, Emu Oil, Emu Leather, Emu Eggs, Emu Meat, etc. Owing to the 100% utility in termsof market value of the Emu bird, Emu farming is gaining popularity in India,and is being taken as an alternative to cash crops. We are also a renowned serviceprovider offeringEmu Farm Development and Training Emu Farm Professionals, etc.

Product Range....
Golden Eggs EMU Farm is a renowned producer of the following EMU products:-

  • Emu Birds
  • Emu Oil
  • Emu Leather
  • Emu Eggs
  • Emu Meat. 

SpecializedFeatures of Products

  • One of the most remarkable attributes of Emu oil is the effectiveness it has in comforting stiff muscles and joints. The fact that it is natural and has the ability to provide relief without any known side effects provides a tremendous advantage over other drug related products. It is very popular for its unique, anti-aging elements
  • Beautiful and exquisitely detailed, Emu leather products are a preferred choice of many top fashion designers. They are known for their exceptionally durability
  • The Emu meat produced by farm is 98% fat free
  • Beautiful Emu eggs are ideal for many types of arts and crafts such as: etching, carving, painting, decorating, etc.

Quality is foremost to all the activities at EMU Farm. It is therefore, primarycommitment of farm is to provide quality Emu eggs at cost effective prices. Toachieve the highest standards of quality, farm undertaken stringent qualitycontrol measures at all level of the process. A very congenial & healthyenvironment is provided to the Emu birds so that they remain healthy. All theEmu eggs are blown, cleaned & deodorized. Every product is carefullychecked and only after proper inspection, they are dispatched to the market.

EMU Farm is committed to provide the best products and services to their valuedclients. The farm team comprises of qualified veterinarians and trainedprofessionals who have years of experience behind them. They have installed afully automatic incubator and hatchery equipments for rearing the birds. Theirmanagement ensures that their warehousing facilities are in perfect conditionso that the safety and hygiene of the products is not compromised. Theprofessionals work proactively to improve the quality of their services inorder to offer their customers the highest level of quality that they demand.

Rabbit Farm, 3Km

Situatedabout 2Km away from Ordnance Fatory, Varangaon on the way to the Hatnur Dam,which provides healthy and hygienic Rabbit for meal.



Alongwith the Narmada and Mahi Rivers, runs the Tapti River covering an area of 724kms. Rising from the Satpura Range Of Southern Madhya Pradesh it flows towardsthe Maharashtra's Kandesh and East Vidharbha regions of Deccan Plateau. In theWestern side is the Gulf of Cambay and the Arabian Sea, thats is Gujarat. Thelast destination of Tapti River is the Gulf of Khambhat (Surat Gujarat).

The main Tributaries of the Tapti River are Purna, Gima, Panzara, Waghur, Bori,and Aner River. Apart from these there are about 40 other small river whichmake of the most of Tributaries to the Tapi River.

The major towns which the river covers along its path are Betul, Burhanpur(Madhya Pradesh), Bhusawal (Maharashtra), and Surat (Gujarat). A number of damshave been constructed on the water of Tapti River. These include Hatnur Damof Jalgaon, Maharashtra and Ukai Dam of Songadh in Gujarat. Several TigerReserve have been opened seeing the nearness of the River Tapti. These Reservesare Melghat Tiger Reserve, Amravati, Madhya Pradesh. This Project extends tothe boundary of Maharashtra.



Changdev Temple is a 3000 year old temple located at Changdeovillage in Edlabad Taluk of JalgaonDistrict. The temple is dedicated to the great ascetic Changdeo Maharaj. Itis believed that this holy saint lived for a period of 1400 years. Tradition recountsthat the people who were dead during the deep meditation period of greatChangdeo came to life as if they were waking up from deep sleep. The templeknown for its traditional architecture, is decorated with carved stone idols.

The annual festivals celebrated at the temple are Mahashivratrifor 6 days and Jestha Shuddha Saptami.

The Changdeo Fair, during the month of Magha (January-February), iscelebrated with pomp and splendor by the devotees.


Ajantha Ellora Caves


Located near the city ofAurangabad in Maharashtra, the famous Ajanta and Ellora are cave shrines cutout of rock, by hand, and rank amongst some of the most outstanding specimensof ancient Indian architectural heritage. The 34 caves at Ellora and the 29caves at Ajanta, were remained shrouded in obscurity for over a millennium,till John Smith, a British Army Officer, accidentally stumbled upon them whileon a hunting expedition in 1819. Ajanta has been designated as a World HeritageSite, to be preserved as an artistic legacy that will come to inspire andenrich the lives of generations to come.

Ajanta Caves
It was only in the 19th century, that the Ajantagroup of caves, lying deep within the Sahyadri hills, cut into the curvedmountain side, above the Waghora river, were discovered. They depict the storyof Buddhism, spanning a period from 200 BC to 650 AD.

The 29 caves were built as secluded retreats of the Buddhist monks, who taughtand performed rituals in the Chaityas and Viharas, the ancient seats oflearning, and nerve - centers of the Buddhist cultural movement. Using simpletools like hammer and chisel, the monks carved out the impressive figuresadorning the walls of these structures. Many of the caves house panelsdepicting stories from the Jatakas, a rich mine of tales of the severalincarnations of the Buddha. Images of nymphs and princesses amongst others, arealso elaborately portrayed.

Ellora Caves
The Ellora caves, 34 in number, are carved intothe sides of a basaltic hill, 30 kms from Aurangabad. The finest specimens ofcave - temple architecture, they house elaborate facades and exquisitelyadorned interiors. These structures representing the three faiths of Hinduism,Buddhism and Jainism, were carved during the 350 AD to 700 AD period. The 12caves to the south are Buddhist, the 17 in the centre dedicated to Hinduism,and the 5 caves to the north are Jain.

The sculpture in the Buddhist caves accurately convey the nobility, grace andserenity inherent in the Buddha. Caves 6 and 10 house images from the Buddhistand Hindu faith, under the same roof, the latter dedicated to Vishwakarma, thepatron saint of Indian craftsmen. The Vishvakarma cave is both a Chaitya and aVihara, with a seated Buddha placed in the stupa. Its two - storied structuresports a colourful pageant of dwarfs, dancing and making music.


Jain Irrigation


Jain PlasticPark, Jalgaon - 425 001.
(Manufacturing Plants -Pipes, Drip, Sprinkler, PVC & PC Sheets, Tool Room & Head Office)

Each of products of Jainirrigation is an outcome of an effort to conserve nature's precious resourcesthrough substitution or value addition. This is the legacy of a deliberate andconscious endeavor that stems from a deep-rooted concern for nature.


There is more to JainIrrigation than irrigation. The Corporation has multi product industrialprofile and manufacturers of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems andComponents; PVC, Polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE) & Polypropylene Piping Systems;Plastic Sheets (PVC & PC sheets); Dehydrated Onions and Vegetables;Processed Fruits; Tissue Culture, Hybrid & Grafted Plants; Greenhouses,Poly and Shade Houses; Bio-fertilizers; Solar Water Heating Systems and SolarPhotovoltaic Appliances (Solar lighting systems) and Bio-Energy sources. Thecorporation render consultancy for complete or partial project planning andimplementation e.g. Watershed or Wasteland and / or Crop Selection andRotation.


JainIrrigation has been named as one of the eight Indian companies expected toemerge as challengers to the Worlds leading companies by Standard and Poorrecently in May 2007.


  • Agriculture & Irrigation Division
    • Pioneers of Micro Irrigation Systems in India.
    • The only manufacturer of complete drip irrigation systems in the world.
    • Globally second and the largest irrigation Company in India.
    • One-stop high-tech agricultural shop.
    • Nurtures a sprawling 2000 acre Hi-Tech Agri Institute.
    • The largest manufacturer of Tissue culture Banana Plants in India.
    • Largest pool of Agricultural Scientists, Engineers & Technicians in Private Sector.
  • Pipe Division
    • The largest manufacturer of Plastic Pipes in India.
  • Plastic Sheet Division
    • The largest manufacturer of PVC & PC sheets in India and globally amongst first 5 Companies.
    • The only manufacturer producing widest range of Plastic Sheets (PC & PVC) under one roof.
  • Food Processing Division
    • The largest manufacturer of Mango pulp, puree and concentrate.
    • Globally second largest manufacturer of dehydrated onion.


Muktai Sagar (Hatnur Dam)


HatnurDam is Built on Tapi River after the rivr Purna merges. Due to this dam a oldand famous village of name Changdev,located near the confluence of Tapi andPurna was submerged.Changdev was a pilgim place , named after great saintChangdev. Here people used take holy dip on the occasion of Mahashivratri.Thereused to be a big fair at Changdev on Mahashivratria


Thereis a Ware (Dam) consisting 41 curved doors near Hatnur village near BhusawalCity. The Level of the Hatnur Dam is 214 Meters & water storage capacity is388.TMC. The floodwater coming up to the month of August does not stored in theHatnur Dam. The Central Water Commission has its own active wireless system atHatnur, Bhusawal, Savkheda & Amalner on the Tapi River. The JalgaonIrrigation Department has its own active wireless system at Jalgaon, Yawal,Padlase Tal. Yawal, Chopda, Dhanora, Mangrul, Hated, Chahardi, Adawad &Ghodgaon Tal. Chopda. The floodwater discharging capacity of the curved doorsof the Hatnur dam is 9.33 lacs Cusecs.


Anand Sagar,Shegaon


Shegaonis a town in the Buldana district of the state of Maharashtra in India. It islocated around 550 km east of the city of Mumbai and 300 km west from the cityof Nagpur. It is located on Mumbai-Nagpur route of the Central Railway ofIndian Railways.

It has acquired fame as a pilgrimage center because Gajanan Maharaj livedthere. Hindus consider Gajanan Maharaj a saint with miraculous powers. Theorigins of Gajanan Maharaj are untraceable in history. Gajanan Maharaj took"Samadhi" at Shegaon. Gajanan Maharaj Temple is built on the Samadhiof Gajanan Maharaj at Shegaon. Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan is the biggest templetrust in the Vidarbha region and is so called as "Pandharpur ofVidarbha". It attracts pilgrims from all over the area.


Anand sagra is Project Whichwill make proud not to only Maharashtra but also For Whole Country.It is one ofthe beautiful ann well maintain place
where one can hang out with Fmaily and friends.People here in Shegaon are verysober and helpful in nature.It is place where you can find peace for mind .

Please clickhere to see the beautiful images of Anand Sagar (PPS).